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July 3, 2016
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How to get the best Canadian immigration agent?

Employing services of a registered Canadian immigration agent always helps to secure a visa quickly. Generally the process of application and securing a visa takes a long time, at time months or years. But getting a good consultant to guide you can expedite the process. It is a known fact that the “The rights of applicants for immigration status to Canada are often enhanced when represented by a lawyer.”

Now arises the question, “How to get the best Canadian Immigration Agent?”

The first step is to do a complete research on available legal options. Online research is probably a good option, especially for overseas applicants. A trip to the Canadian embassy in your area is a good idea. Officers stationed there will assist you with information.

The one thing you should know is that the Canadian authorities do not entertain any lawyer who is not recognized by the Canadian Law Society. The ones who are licensed by the Immigration Consultants of the Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) are permitted to represent visa applications.

Try and find Canadian immigration consultants who have a good standing with the Canadian Law Society. In case you are interested in moving to Quebec then look for someone who has a good standing with the Quebec Law Society. Ones registered with the Quebec Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities are qualified to represent immigration applications.

The best way to find out whether your attorney’s credentials are authentic is to visit the websites of the above mentioned societies and agencies. The ones who are registered will have their names displayed on these sites. Employ a lawyer who has extensive knowledge of the Canadian immigration process with expertise in Canadian immigration policy.

Lawyers’ proficient in languages like English, French and others is always an added advantage. Most good lawyers will help you with processing temporary work permits for employment across Canada. You need someone with extensive experience in handling permanent residence applications under the Federal as well as the Quebec and Provincial Nominee Programs.

Another important point that you should know is that you need not necessarily employer a full time attorney. There are people who are qualified to represent your case in case they qualify what we call an “Immigration Practioner Program Certificate.” This course is accredited by the Immigration Consultants of the Canada Regulatory Council.

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